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  Getting listed is a manual process. If you're willing to use the free stuff code for longer then just a few days or weeks then your site can be listed here along with all the other example sites, however... it's not going to do us (or our visitors) any good if you decide on a whim to delete your free stuff code and leave everyone hanging. The longer you use the free stuff code on your site the better the opportunity we'll use your site as an example on this site. The example sites with text links are rotated out and have used the free stuff code for a minimum of 3 months.The sites with screen shots (like the web site on the left) are rotated out for freshness and have used the free stuff code for at least a year.

How does it work and what do I have to do?

1. If you only want to use the free stuff code to create some temporary content for your site as you work to establish you own, or if you're using the free stuff code to generate traffic and visitors to your site but your plan is to remove it from your site within the next 3 months or so, then we're sorry we can't list it here at Freebie Direct. In this case please feel free use the free stuff code of your choice and then remove it from your site when you're ready.

2. If however you're planning on using any of the free stuff code for longer then 3 months. Then immediately after placing your chosen free stuff code on your site please email us with your URL web site page location of where you're using the free stuff code. At the 3 month mark after you've first placed the code your page will be evaluated for placement in the example page rotation. The only requirement as far as "quality" is that your page be consistent with the other pages within your site (same theme, color, look, feel), and that page is linked to other pages within your site. In other words, it's not just our code on a white page, somewhere on your server. Selection of sites after the 3 month time frame are priority based depending on the particular free stuff code used and are as follows: Classic first, followed by basic, skinny and finally mini. You'll note that most of the links on the top right of the example sites page, the bottom of the customize page and up above are the "Classic" code as these pages tend to show the best as example sites and work the best in generating visitors to your site.

3. After your link has been selected and placed in the top right section of the example site page we'll inform you immediately via email. At the 1 year mark from when you first placed the free stuff page code on your web page we will automatically invest our time to screen shot it, complete a write up, add it to the rotator and then email you to inform you of the honor you've earned for your commitment. At the same time of course you can expect an increase in your web traffic.

Note: There have been times when a webmaster has been listed on the example site page or at the top of this page and has either removed the free stuff page code, closed their web site, or let their domain expire. If you decide to do any of these and you remember to drop us a short email we would of course appreciate it greatly!

OK, I'm all done here, take me back to the example free stuff pages or back to the FAQ's.