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A widget is a small application or iframe that you can put on any of your web pages for your visitors entertainment and enjoyment. They work very similar to the free stuff code available here at Freebie Direct. All widgets take a few minutes to copy & paste a small snippet of html into your web page. We've used and collected widgets for years and have evaluated and listed our all time favorites. Check them out, then grab some for your web site - give your visitors a reason to stay or return!

Random Powerball Picker
14 Webmaster Widgets
Free Coloring Pages
20 Cool Widgets
Count Down Widget
Free Tea VIdeos
Answer Boxes
Net Weather
Feedzilla RSS
Photo Gallery
Rotating Earth Visitors
Top Country Visitors
Web Site Polls
World Clocks
You Tube
Do you have a widget you'd like listed here? Then email it to the Freebie Direct webmaster!
14 Webmaster Widgets on 1 Page Power Ball Random NumberGenerator Free Tea Stuff Widget Free Coloring Pages Widget Brave Net Free Widget Countdown Clock Widget Free Widget From Answers Free Weather Widget Feedzilla RSS Widget Photo Gallery Widget Revolver Map Widget Free Website Visitors Widget Website Poll Widget World Clock Widget You Tube Widget