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For most, using the code in it's default (no border) format is the preferred method, however you also have the option of turning on then customizing your free stuff content borders if you like. Because the free stuff code is based on very simple iframe code, customizing it to add dashed, solid, or dotted borders, scrolling sidebars and any color is easy to do. Once you've added the free stuff html code to your page and your content is placed where you want it, you can modify it easy enough. All of the free stuff iframe code are set to general defaults with the borders turned off, here's the "Skinny" code in it's default "border off" state:

<iframe src="" style="border:0px #FF0000 dashed;" name="Freebie Direct 3" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" marginheight="0px" marginwidth="0px" align="center" height="1040px" width="320px"></iframe>

The customization options available are:

0 - means no border will be shown, it's basically turned off. To turn it on you can change it to a 1, 2, 3 etc. depending on the width of the border you'd like.

#FF0000 - is the color of the border, current default is set to the color red. You can also spell out the color i.e. green, blue, purple, black etc. if you prefer

dashed - is the style type of the border you want to display. Your other options include none, hidden, solid or dotted. Some colors look great dashed - experiment!

Freebie Direct 3 - is the just the name of the particular iframe. You can rename it after your dog, your cat, your favorite rich uncle... or just leave it like it is.

no - means this iframe will not have a scroll bar on the right side. if you make the iframe smaller to fit a smaller area of your page you can change this to "yes".

0 - margin height and width. "0" is normally used. It will add padding to the top, bottom and sides of frame - you can experiment with these if you want.

height="1040px" width="320px - fine left as is for most sites and browsers. You can tweakt the pixels to suit the look depending on your chosen border style.

Example custom borders. Okay... yep, the center one is our sponsor. Sheeesh, we gotta pay for this free service somehow! Back to the free stuff code page


Dashed blue - size 2 px   Solid green - size 1 px   Dotted red - size 4 px   Solid purple with scroll 3px   Dashed black - size 3px